Cookie Policy for Comtrend

  • We at Comtrend are committed to protecting your personal information when you use our website.

    Comtrend’s Use of Cookies

    Below we describe what information we gather, how we use it and why we sometimes need to store these Cookies. Comtrend will also state how you can prevent these Cookies from being stored; however this may diminish or disable certain functions such as directing a repeat visitor to the region of their choice.

    What Are Cookies

    Cookies are small text files which a website may put on to your computer or device when you visit a website or page, so as to remember some information about your browsing activity on the website. The cookie will help the website, to recognize your device the next time you visit.

    Cookies can serve many different functions. For example, they can help us to remember your regional website preference.

    See the Wikipedia article on HTTP Cookies for further information.

    How We Use Cookies

    The Cookies We Set

    ● Navigation Related Cookies

    As is common practice with almost all professional websites, our website uses Cookies which are tiny files that are downloaded to a visitor’s computer, in order to remember which region the visitor chose. This is to ensure that they are directed to the region of their choice (saving them time and effort) on their subsequent visits to our website.

    When you visit our site for the first time, you will be requested to select your region of preference. Then a popup window will allow you to choose agree or disagree to Cookies from the site, before a cookie is saved to your computer. Agreeing to Cookies allows us to remember your choice and will directly bring you to that region upon your next visit to our website. However, if you disagree to Cookies from the site or disable Cookies in your browser, you will not be directed to your preferred region when you log into again.

    Cookies will remain stored on your computer for 180 days, however you can be sure that Comtrend does not collect your personal data through Cookies.

    Disabling Cookies

    Most browsers allow you to control Cookies by adjusting the settings on your browser (see your browser for help on how to do this). Be aware that disabling Cookies will affect the functionality of our website (i.e. not being directed to your preferred region on your next visit to

    More Information

    Hopefully the information provided above has clarified things for you. However if you are still looking for more information, then you can contact us via Email: