Wireless AP Controller

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    Manages up to 50 APs | 4 Gigabit LAN Ports | Console Port


    With the demand for Internet connection of mobile devices growing rapidly, high scalability WLAN and centralized management become necessary for wireless device deployments. Comtrend Wireless Access Point Controller, WLC-6404 can centralize WLAN management to reduce extra efforts, and capable of extending networks flexibly and fulfilling different deploy requirements. Comtrend WLC-6404 is easy to use and scalable for Hotels, Schools, Chain Stores, Logistic Centers and MRT Stations as well as small to medium enterprises to configure network solutions that meet their specific needs

    WLC-6404 WLC-6404



    • High Speed Interface:
      Supports gigabit ports & USB 3.0
    • Easy Installation:
      Rack/wall/desk-mount design with easy installation kit and five-step setup wizard
    • Scalable Architecture:
      Manages up to 50 Comtrend access points including both indoor & outdoor APs
    • Easy Centralized Management:
      Web-based software for remote AP configuration and control
    • AP L2/L3 Management
      Supports batch setup and configuration with group firmware upgrade & group restart.
    • RF Management:
      Graphical zone plan with Google Maps integration for easy custom AP deployment
    • Robust Security:
      Built-in RADIUS (AAA) supports authentication & authorization for up to 256 user accounts
    • Guest Access and Captive Portal:
      Supports user name & password-based authentication with independent guest network settings for bandwidth rates (upload/download), IP filtering, duration of use/account expiry
    • Business Environments:
      Wide range of commercial applications such as offices, hotels, meeting rooms, schools, campuses, resorts, retail, and shopping malls.
    • Supported AP Models:
      Comtrend SMB access point product series, including indoor and outdoor types.






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