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    AC900 | 5GHz Single-Band | Outdoor | PoE


    COMTREND WAP-5925mn is a highly-reliable outdoor wireless access point designed to extend wireless network coverage for enterprise users. With the latest wireless 802.11ac technology for improvements in the speed, reliability and quality of wireless communications, the WAP-5925mn provides operation in 5GHz wireless coverage for maximum flexibility.

    Additionally, the WAP-5925mn features two gigabit LAN ports. One is for passive Power over Ethernet and the other one is Pass-through passive PSE power which can power up another IP Camera or networking device.

    A wall or pole-mounted design and industrial-grade build quality combined with user-friendly operation and extensive feature set, make an ideal high-performance solution for demanding day-to-day enterprise operations.




    • 802.11AC High Speed: IEEE 802.11ac with 900Mbps wireless speed.
    • Wide Coverage & High Sensitivity: Adjustable RF output power and high receiver sensitivity for wide coverage across large spaces.
    • Multiple SSID: Supports up to 16 SSIDs ideal for multiple departments, user groups, customers or guests.
    • Power Over Ethernet Supports Passive PoE in and out.
    • Built-In RADIUS Server: With management for up to 256 user accounts.
    • Central Management Easy and intuitive central management tool, supports AP array architecture.
    • Easy Installation Wall-mount or pole-mounted design with easy installation kit.
    • TR-069 Remote Management: Remotely manage firmware updates, configurations and backup.




    • MCU/RF: MT7621A (MCU) + QCA9882 (5GHz)
    • Memory: 128 MB
    • Flash: 16 MB
    • Physical Interface: LAN: 2 x Gigabit Ethernet with PoE support
      - LAN 1: 48V passive PD-IN
      - LAN 2: Pass-through 48V passive
      Reset Button
      Slide Switch (LAN 2 PSE-OUT On/Off)
      SMA Connector x 2: for External
    • Power Requirement: Power over Ethernet 48V/1A Passive PD-IN
    • Antenna: 14 dBi Internal Patch Antenna


    • Wireless Standard: IEEE 802.11 a/an/ac
    • Frequency Band: Radio: 802.11a/an/ac
      5.150~5.250(GHz), 5.250~5.350(GHz),
      5.470~5.725(GHz), 5.725~5.850(GHz)
    • Operation Channels: 5GHz: The support channel is restricted by local regulatory
      36, 40, 44, 48, 52, 56, 60, 64, 100, 104, 108, 112, 116, 120, 124, 128, 132, 136, 140, 149, 153, 157, 161, 165

    TRANSMIT POWER (Maximum power is limited by local regulation)

    • 802.11a
      25dBm@ 6Mbps
      21dBm@ 54Mbps
    • 802.11a/n(5G)
      25dBm@ MCS0/MCS8 (HT20/40)
      21dBm@ MCS7/MCS15 (HT20/40)
    • 802.11ac
      25dBm@ MCS0 (VHT20/40/80)
      21dBm@ MCS7 (VHT20/40/80)
      19dBm@ MCS9 (VHT20/40/80)


    • 802.11a
      ≤ -89dBm@ 6Mbps
      ≤ -72dBm@ 54Mbps
    • 802.11a/n(5G)
      ≤ -89dBm@ MCS0 (HT20)
      ≤ -68dBm@ MCS7 (HT20)
      ≤ -86dBm@ MCS0 (HT40)
      ≤ -66dBm@ MCS7 (HT40)
    • 802.11ac
      ≤ -83dBm@ MCS0 (VHT20/40/80)
      ≤ -56dBm@ MCS9 (VHT40/80


    • Multiple BSSID: Total 16
    • VLANs: SSID and Ethernet port based Tag/Untag
    • Wireless Mode: 11a/11an/11ac
      Channel selection (Setting varies by country)
      Channel bandwidth (Auto, 20/40/80MHz)
      Transmission Rate:
      5GHz: 11a, 11a/n, 11a/n/ac
    • Pass-through: Support IPv6 and VPN Pass-through
    • QoS: WMM, Max Associated Station Number
    • Security: WPS - Software
      WEP Encryption – 64/128 bit
      WPA Personal (WPA-PSK using TKIP or AES)
      WPA Enterprise (WPA-EAP using TKIP or AES)
      802.1x Authenticator: MD5/TLS/TTLS/PEAP
      EAP-FAST, EAP-SIM, MAC Authentication
      SSID Broadcast: enable / disable
      256 WLAN MAC Address Filter
      WLAN L2 isolation (AP mode)
      Wireless STA (Client) connected list


    • Deployment Standalone (AP mode)
      Managed AP mode: Be managed by Comtrend AP Controller (WLC-6404) or Comtrend SMB AP
    • Tx Power Control: Adjust power by 10, 25, 50, 75, 90, 100%
    • Configuration: Web-based configuration HTTP/HTTPS/SSH/CLI
    • Firmware: Upgrade via WEB, CLI, FTP
    • SNMP: v1, v2c, v3. MIB II, IEEE802.11MIB, BridgeMIB, Interface MIB, Private MIB
    • Backup & Restore: Save & restore settings through web interface and USB memory stick.
    • CLI: Support Command Line Interface
    • RADIUS Server Built-in
    • TR-069 Support: Remotely manage firmware updates, configurations and backup.


    • Temperature Range:
      Operation : -30 to 60℃ (-22 to 140℉)
      Storage : -40 to 70℃ (-40 to 158℉)
    • Humidity
      perating: 90% or less
      Storage: 90% or less
    • Certifications : FCC, CE
    • Dimensions: 242.3(L) x 120.9(W) x 48.8(D)mm
    • Weight: 588g
    • Waterproof rated IP55