Fiber-to-the Distribution Point

  • Overview


    G.fast/VDSL2 | XGS-PON | Reverse Powered | IP68


    FTTdp (Fiber To The Distribution Point) DPU is a revolutionary fiber/copper hybrid approach. The FTTdp network design priority is to provide no downgrade broadband service under current copper wire loop. Installed the FTTdp DPU at the most convenient location without considering the local electricity is the other key feature of the FTTdp network. The DPU could be mounted at basement of a building, stairway of apartment, telephone/power pole, pedestal, pit or water pipeline.

    In the FTTdp network, fiber arrives to the DPU and G.fast/VDSL2 is used over the existing copper pairs, which could be more cost-effective than deploying FTTH.

    The DPU-4684 is a FTTdp DPU which includes one XGS-PON ONU and 8 ports G.fast/VDSL2 interfaces. Combining the fiber, copper wire, reverse power, and the broadband technologies the FTTdp system supports the best performance of G.fast/VDSL2 bandwidth in 150 meter distance to each end user for multiple HDTV, Internet Gaming & other high bandwidth applications. The DPU-4683 supports G.fast 212MHz, 106MHz profile and auto fallback to VDSL2 and supports single RPF working functioning made the operators network plan easily