Volcano Communications Selects Comtrend for VDSL2 Single-Port Deployment

Residential and business installations nearing 1800 units of Comtrend’s VR-3030, a wired-only VDSL2 modem.

Comtrend was the first to recognize this need in North America and successfully launched a non-wireless, single-port model that takes advantage of the VDSL2 advancements in speed over the copper-based medium.

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) October 16, 2014

Comtrend, a global supplier of advanced networking solutions, today announced that Volcano Communications is about to deploy their 1800th Comtrend VDSL2 modem, the VR-3030. This milestone highlights the need of carriers to deploy a simple, cost-effective modem that delivers high-speed bandwidth to residential and business customers. The Comtrend VR-3030 was their go-to product for high-speed Internet over a single pair of copper lines.

Comtrend was the first to recognize this need in North America and successfully launched a non-wireless, single-port model that takes advantage of the VDSL2 advancements in speed over the copper-based medium. By simplifying deployment, Volcano Communications receives less gateway-related service calls and reduced time of on-site gateway configuration. According to Ted Williamson, network engineer, at Volcano Communications, “We are focused on a single port, wired-only VDSL2 option. Comtrend’s VR-3030 passed our tests and exceeded our expectations. It fits our situation perfectly and has played a huge role in being able to offer much higher speeds as we transition to VDSL.”

The VR-3030 is a single port VDSL2 modem that provides wired access for high-bandwidth applications in the home or office, as well as supporting seamless, automatic fallback to ADSL2/2+ networks. Vice President of Sales and Marketing, John DiFrenna states, “The decision to initially kick off the development of this product came as a result of Comtrend’ s Early Adopter Program process. Suggestions and recommendations from our key customers proved that they knew exactly what they needed. As this case study shows, we hit a bulls-eye with this solution. The VR-3030 is simple and fast which results in limited support calls from customers, thereby reducing overall customer support costs.”

The Comtrend VR-3030 is ideally used for both copper and fiber (FTTN) installations by taking advantage of VDSL2’s high- bandwidth capacity. Additionally, the VR-3030 ensures safe and secure connections against hackers and other security threats with a Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) Firewall (with DoS protection) and NAT/PAT to isolate the LAN from external threats. Based on customer input, Comtrend also added three levels of login privilege that may be employed for local admin, local user and remote technical support access. Also standard is support for leading VDSL2 enhancements such as G.inp and G.vector.

With automatic fallback to ADSL2+, standards-based remote management via TR-069, and secured wired-only access, the VR-3030 provides a solution needed by service providers today.

About Volcano:

Volcano Communications is a family-orientated and cutting-edge technology service provider that was established in 1903. Located in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, Volcano Communications maintains leading services that include superior voice, data, and video solutions for all of their customers’ educational, entertainment, and information needs. For more information on Volcano Communications please visit http://www.volcanocommunications.com.

About Comtrend:

Comtrend, with more than 25 years of experience, has become one of the leading global providers of advanced networking solutions. Comtrend designs, manufactures, and markets a wide range of networking equipment and software. Service providers, VARs, businesses and consumers look to Comtrend for broadband gateways, as well as the latest WiFi, Powerline, Coax and surveillance technologies. Comtrend remains committed to industry standards like G.hn for home networking, as well as interoperability and market-leading performance. People in businesses and homes around the world trust Comtrend to make their technology easier and more dependable. For more information, including Comtrend’s full lineup of networking solutions, please visit www.comtrend.com